Ethnicity Syndrome and Political Nationalism in Nigeria

Nigeria, the large of Africa, can boast of her salient Political Nationalists. They are occasionally called “Freedomites”. Almost all of our kids in Universities are frequently reminded of their heroic deeds. But their evil deeds are sometimes neglected. The truth is, This information will argue that they all experienced an Ethnicity Syndrome, with the Tripartition plan with the British. Regretably, Nigeria now suffers the implications and outcomes of this ethnicity syndrome on her political Nationalists. However, to further buttress and pitch clarity to the point we’ve been driving at, it’s paramount to provide a concise analysis of your quite thought of Ethnicity Syndrome.

Ethnicity Syndrome, metaphorically refers to your illness diagnosed to All those whose actions and judgements are motivated by the sensation of belonging to a particular group. These form of folks typically choose their group or tribe as an authority, and also declare that their group is the best amongst Many others. Their steps and judgements in many cases are affected by this feeling. As a result, During this perception, we can say they’ve an ethnicity syndrome. Provided this backdrop, it can be expedient to delve into the most crucial program of this text.

Ethnicity (or tribalism) initially reared it head through the next Entire world War. This war lowered the Management performance on the Colonial Masters in Nigeria, which consequently triggered a period of terrific famine, inequality, insecurity, etc. On account of this, quite a few groups ended up formed to cater for that wants in their members. These teams includes; The Egba Culture (1918), The Union of Ijebu Young Adult men(1923), The Yoruba Union(1924), The Ibibio State Union, and so forth. Because of a weak economic system, lower protection, unemployment, etc, these ethnic groups started to compete in opposition to one another in a socio-financial competition. Every ethnic team will combat other ethnic groups, to make certain it caters for the need of its individual associates. It was at this stage ethnicity, became a full-scale insurgency.

In addition, the break up while in the Nigerian Youth Movement(NYM), which was brought on by an ethnicity rift in between Nigeria’s political Nationalists(Ikoli, Awolowo, Akinsanya and Nnamdi Azikwe), also aided The difficulty of ethnicity while in the nation. In anger, Nnamdi Azikwe led his Igbo supporters out from the team, and Obafemi Awolowo did exact. At this point, it is totally Secure to convey that the educated elite from the Nigerian Youth Movement had an ethnicity syndrome, Consequently leading to the collapse from the movement.

Consequently, the British introduction with the tripartite plan with the Richards Structure of 1943, further more exacerbated the issue of ethnicity from the region. In the Richards Structure, Nigeria was divided into 3 big locations; the northern location, the western region plus the eastern area, which represented the 3 big tribes of Nigeria; the Hausa, the Yoruba and the Igbo respectively. In like manner, the numerous ethnic teams that were fashioned previous to that point, have been also amalgamated to kind the Egbe Omo Oduduwa Culture in london(1945), the Ibo point out Union(1944), plus the Jamiya Mutanen Arewa. Each also symbolizing the 3 giant tribes in Nigeria. “A bad situation in a rustic which was suppose to become united as just one”(Jide Olanrewaju). However, obtaining getting contaminated using an ethnicity syndrome which was further more reinforced via the British tripartition coverage, the result of this ethnicity syndrome on Nigeria’s political Nationalists, was quickly to floor.

Given that other African countries had commenced the battle for political independence, it absolutely was no surprise that Nigerian educated elites( Awolowo, Azikwe, etc) started to fight for political independence. This was even more aided in the event the Richards Structure of 1943 legalised the politicisation of communal associations. That’s why, the Egbe Omo Oduduwa Modern society grew to become the Action Group of Nigeria(AG) in 1951 headed by Awolowo, the Igbo state Union grew to become the Nationwide Council of Nigeria as well as Cameroon(NCNC) in 1944 headed by Azikwe, and the Jamiya Mutanen Arewa turned the Northern Individuals’s Congress(NPC) in 1951 headed by Ahmadu Bello.

Sooner or later, Nigeria became an unbiased Country in 1960, and the 1st Republic commenced. Regretably, the chain of tribal events that ensued prior to independence, led into the extreme corruption, nepotism and mismanagement of general public cash in the 1st republic. “The North wished to be sure they remained in electricity, the South desired to make certain it tasted energy”(Jide Olanrewaju). At this stage, the result of an ethnicity syndrome, experienced by Nigeria’s political nationalists, began to actualize. Their actions and judgements were being clouded. They took greed, corruption and nepotism, as virtues. Naturally they were all beneath the impact of an ethnicity syndrome. The truth is, Nigeria was completely in shambles, over the to start with Republic. In turn, this shambling environment swept the military into power, and have been instantly liable for the main Nigerian Coup. At this stage, Nigeria was still redeemable. But that hope was shattered when Basic Muritala Ramat Muhammad, took electric power for himself with no thought of a because of approach as completed with Generals Ironsi and Gowon. In truth, a classified US memorandum of August 18, 1975, argued that Muritala’s motion will lead to other coups and illegitimate get-overs. However, the labeled US memo was accurate. Consequently started the downfall of Nigeria.

The political nationalists dealt a serious blow to the initial Republic. Getting under the impact of an ethnicity syndrome, they had been directly chargeable for the political tragedy of the main republic. Although they gave Nigeria her political independence, they however betrayed that independence because of their corrupt deeds in the very first republic. It is quite however that we even the faces of these men and women around the Nigerian Naira currency. The Five Naira Be aware, For illustration, has the encounter of Tafawa Balewa, who was chargeable for the corrupt insurance policies, mismanagement of money plus the rigged federal elections of 1964. The Twenty naira Take note also has the face of Muritala Muhammad, whose action led to the subsequent coups and illegitimate counter coups in Nigeria. Hence, plunging Nigeria into various many years of military services dictatorship. The 1 hundred naira Be aware also has the face of Obafemi Awolowo, who was electrical power-thirsty and in some cases grew to become the minister of finance normally Gowon’s routine. How would someone that ushered in democratic rules in Nigeria, become a minister of finance in a very undemocratic regime? That reveals how much he planned to be in electric power. Additionally, The 2 hundred naira Observe has the confront of sir Ahmadu Bello, a Sarduana of Sokoto, who grew to become the oppressor of the center belt region in the main republic. And finally, the 5 hundred naira Be aware has the deal with of Nnamdi Azikwe, whose selection to simply accept and approve the results of the 1964 rigged election, contributed for the political tragedy of the first republic.

My position is, nevertheless these educated elites created some favourable achievements, their evil deeds, nonetheless, out weights their fantastic deeds. It is sort of ironic that the same those who ended up responsible for the collapse from the Nigerian Youth Motion, were also liable for the collapse of the 1st Republic. It demonstrates the extent to which these nationalists endured an ethnicity syndrome. Their actions and judgements had been affected by ethnicity. So, we can easily say all of them had an ethnicity syndrome. “Exactly the same individuals whom we all praise, are a similar persons to blame for the woes of Nigeria nowadays”(Elemoro Babatunde Bashir). The primary republic in Nigeria was a transparent sign that her educated elites, who ushered in democracy, weren’t what they appear to portray. All of them had an ethnicity syndrome. This was The key reason why why the groundbreaking coup of Majors Kaduna Nzeogwu, Emmanuel Ifeajuna and Adewale Ademoyega, was performed, even though they weren’t effective.

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